Peace Vodka


Gold Medal Winner, 2012 New York Food and Wine Classic
Double-Gold Medal Winner, 2012 Fifty Best, for best domestic Vodka
Four Stars, “Highly Recommended,” F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal, March 2011


Nose: Hint of chocolate, cola, vanilla ice cream, pastry dough, creamy, rye, peppery. Palate: Vanilla, butterscotch, cream, caramel, herbal, grassy, almond oil, nutty, pepper, nicely layered, very smooth, enjoyable. Finish: Buttery, vanilla, clean, fresh, pleasant, perfect.


Whole wheat base. Pristine appearance. Initial sniffs after the pour pick up sourdough and yeasty aromas that are fresh, pleasingly tart and grainy/bread-like; following another six minutes of air contact, the bouquet turns fruity and ripe, with tropical highlights (banana and pineapple especially) though is not sweet; a welcoming nose by any measure that is hardly neutral. Entry is appealingly complex, intensely grainy (almost akin to Wheat Thin crackers) and sweeter than the bouquet; midpalate plays more on the viscosity aspect as the texture turns chewy and buttery, but there?s also a dash of minerality just before the finish that?s earthy and dusty. Aftertaste has elements of cocoa bean and high cocoa content dark chocolate that almost make it a flavored vodka. A far cry from the ethereal likes of Scandinavian vodkas and more in the robust vein of Poland or Russia, from the days when Russia made good vodka.

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